Panagiotis Malakoudis pmal at
Tue Apr 11 05:57:38 GMT 2000

For the past couple of days I've been trying to setup an interdomain trust
relationship between my samba domain and a windows nt domain.
I'm not there yet but I think I'm close.

Here is what I've done so far:
I added a couple of accounts for the login process.
I added my samba server with samedit
I added the Nt PDC machine with the -i parameter.

Now ehwn I look at the smbpasswd file I see that my samba server was added
with the W flag and a password while the NT PDC was added with the NDI flag
and no password (why no password? Isn't one necessary to create the trust?)

Using User manager now from my windows NT box and when I try to create the
trust I get an error message saying "Could not find domain controller for
this domain". My log files show nothing at all.

Any hints?

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