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nazard at dragoninc.on.ca nazard at dragoninc.on.ca
Tue Apr 11 05:08:17 GMT 2000

On 11 Apr, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
>> Don't tie it to the user name. In some cases (i.e. LDAP) it would be
>> much better to add another multi-valued attribute like "NTDOMAIN". That
>> way we could use that account for multiple domains, or move domains
>> easily.
> good idea.

I've been thinking about this a bit since I'm raining on your parade <g>

What if we added a config file/options so you can specify how to handle
each domain. This would allow us to better support multiple backends.

Maybe something like:

Type = PDC
NameDatabase = LDAP
SambaDatabase = LDAP
LDAP Server = blah
LDAP blah ...
EncryptPasswords = yes
logon path = 
other domain related options....

Type = Trusted
NameDatabase = Samba
SambaDatabase = Samba
Samba Server = Samba_Pdc

Type = Trusted
NameDatabase = File
GroupDatabase = File
SambaDatabase = NT
NT Server = NT_Pdc
NameFile = /opt/samba/private/trusted_domain_2_users
GroupFile = /opt/samba/private/trusted_domain_2_groups

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