samba-TNG smbd crashing

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Tue Apr 11 01:11:12 GMT 2000

On Mon, 10 Apr 2000, Tom Crummey wrote:

> Hello Jeremy,
> Luke asked me to contact you direct about the problem I'm having with
> smbd crashing.
> As I see it there are two issues to address:
> 1) Fix the problem causing the crash 
> 2) Define what should happen to locks when an instance of smbd crashes.
> 1) Background to the problem:
> samba-TNG cvs update 11:00BST 05/04/00 Solaris 2.7 gcc 2.8.1 Sparc 64
> I realise this isn't the latest version, but I don't think anyone has
> addressed the problem as yet.
> I have several Win2k clients using a samba-TNG server for domain logins
> and profiles. Sometimes smbd crashes while the client is performing the
> login script and leaves an oplock against it: (Extract from smbstatus:)
> /opt/samba-TNG/etc/netlogon/UNKNOWN.exe   Mon Apr 10 09:55:47 2000
> 1163   DENY_NONE  RDONLY     LEVEL_II         
> /opt/samba-TNG/etc/netlogon/kixtart.scr   Mon Apr 10 09:55:58 2000
> A core is not dumped because on Solaris a process will not produce
> a core if its euid is different from its real uid. 


ok, you could disable that by taking out the configure tests for

then again, put a sleep(60) in the smb_panic() function, i do this _all_
the time.

then again, if you are running X-windows, do this:

"panic action = DISPLAY=:0 xeyes"


then, when the eyes appear, go do a gdb attach :)

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