Two Samba in same network

Ryan Yagatich ryagatich at
Tue Apr 11 00:45:53 GMT 2000

simple i think.....

mkdir /mounts/pdc1           ;this is your first mapped drive
mkdir /mounts/pdc1/drive     ;this is the v-directory
mkdir /mounts/pdc2           ;this is the 'shared' directory location

cd /mounts/pdc1/drive        ;obvious
ln -s d2 /mounts/pdc2        ;create a link to the 'shared' directory

smbmount //server-2/sharename-2 /mounts/pdc2 -U username -W workgroup -I
interface (ip) ;mount the shared directory to where the link points.

/etc/smb.conf - server-1

[sharename-1]                ;the sharename from server one
path=/mounts                 ;the path, must include both paths so you can
see them from windows boxes.
...                          ;put whatever else you need down here...

I hope this helps a little. if not, sorry.


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>I have to setup a second Samba in the same network.
>Just to map one drive.
>Can I do it with the same configuration?
>The NT´s have to map the drive on systemstart like the first Samba.
>Know what I mean?
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