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Mon Apr 10 19:11:14 GMT 2000

Ok, this gets me into samedit mode (I guess that's what you would call it.)
What do I while I'm there??  Is this the new tool to create users and
machine accounts?  I've been trying to dig through the mailing list but
can't find where this change occured.  I'm not in a horrible hurry to get a
TNG server running in production, 2.0.6 is running and doing fine serving
files.  I'm just trying to figure out TNG so if it goes live one of these
days so I won't be totally lost.

If someone can give the details of how samedit works (this isn't an
equivalent of an NT command line tool is it?) I'll be happy to write some
documentation for it.

Chris Tooley

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Chris Tooley wrote:
> Is there a readme or HOWTO on how to use samedit?  I can't seem to get any
> of my machines to join the dowmain and it says that smpasswd -m
> functionality is disabled use samedit.  Unfortunately this is something I
> don't know how to do.


samedit -S .

then use "?" or "help" or "help <commandname>"


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