samba-TNG smbd crashing

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Mon Apr 10 18:44:46 GMT 2000

Tom Crummey wrote:

> Luke asked me to contact you direct about the problem I'm having with
> smbd crashing.

I'm sorry but I'm concentrating on shipping 2.0.7 at the moment
so cannot spend much time on fixing TNG branch bugs.

> 2) When smbd crashes what should happen to file locks? Should they
> be released by the crashing smbd? Should they be handed to another
> smbd? Leaving them open is not satisfactory, especially when there
> isn't a way to easily remove them by hand. Also, should smbd be forced
> to drop a core when it crashes no matter what euid it has at the time?
> i.e. change the euid back to root and then force the core dump.
> (I'm not sure if this is possible, but perhaps others can comment.)

The 2.0.x and HEAD code releases all locks on crash. I don't know
why the TNG code isn't doing the same, sorry.


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