David Allan Finch david.allan at
Mon Apr 10 10:02:58 GMT 2000

>   --with-utmp     Include experimental utmp accounting
>   --without-utmp  Don't include experimental utmp accounting (default)
>   --with-msdfs          Include MS Dfs support
>   --without-msdfs       Don't include MS Dfs support (default)
>   --with-sambaconfdir=DIR  Where to put smb.conf etc. (/usr/local/samba/lib)
>   --with-privatedir=DIR     Where to put smbpasswd (/usr/local/samba/private)
>   --with-lockdir=DIR     Where to put lock files (/usr/local/samba/var/locks)
>   --with-swatdir=DIR     Where to put SWAT files (/usr/local/samba/swat)

should these not default to PREFIX/x?

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