[ADVANCE NOTICE] usernames limited to 8 chars gonna be nasty..

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at samba.org
Mon Apr 10 08:44:28 GMT 2000

On Mon, 10 Apr 2000, ME wrote:

> If this is a serious suggestions, then...

yes it is.  the imposition on samba of map files is ... painful, to say
the least.  it's causing problems.

most people, running without trusted domains, will be completely

some people _may_ want a MYSAMBASERVER\Administrator account in

> Though I do not find the idea of exceeding the 8 character unix username
> system, it seems that a dual compatible system could be created by using
> duplicate UID/GID/Home dir information for each user...
> eg:(/etc/passwd)
> userdude:x:1001:100:Samba User,,,:/home/userdude:/bin/bash
> HOME\userdude:x:1001:100:Samba User,,,:/home/uuserdude:/bin/bash

hmm, good point, can think of horrible reasons for doing this, plus it's
not necessary: default domain is HOME anyway.

> The thought of tampering with /etc/passwd's fields which may be
> misunderstood, or poorly truncated by other programs rubs me wrong. At
> least you are not suggesting using the ":" as your field seperator. ]:>

> Any reason why smbpasswd cannot be setup to check for the existance of a
> "\" in its username field, and then parse it into two parts without
> tampering with the /etc/passwd system file? This would isolate the changes
> needed by it to its own config files. User matching would need to catch on
> UID, not string comparisons of username in /etc/passwd when creating new
> smb accounts with smbpasswd, but you people are spending the time to make
> the code.

... hmm, smbpasswd is "local SAM database" accounts.  can do some
name-munging there.

for ROLE_DOMAIN_PDC, samdbname = domainname.  therefore, entries in
/etc/passwd would not have domainname in front of them.

for ROLE_DOMAIN_MEMBER and ROLE_STANDALONE, samdbname = wkstaname,
therefore for checking entries in smbpasswd against /etc/passwd, you'd
have to strip out WKSTANAME from the /etc/passwd name.

> Thanks for your work on SaMBa. (long time user, long time multi-samba
> mailing list lurker)

hi there :)

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