tng1.8 problems

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Sun Apr 9 07:38:43 GMT 2000

On Sun, 9 Apr 2000, Eizenberg Ariel wrote:

> I've been using a CVS version (from ~6 month ago) of samba-tng for 6 month
> now, and my nt4 clients had no problems loging on it.
> I've tried to upgrade to tng1.8 yesterday, but I got several problems:

that's 3 versions old :)  try 2.1.
> 1) NT workstation won't login anymore (I've remmoved then from the 
>    domain and re-added them when upgrading)
> 2) I get erros like:
>  socket connect to /tmp/.msrpc/.samr/agent failed: Connection refused

ignore them.

> 3) I started with an empty smbpasswd and created a root acount using
>  smbpasswd -a root

use samedit -S . -U root% -l log and issue a createuser command.  see
archives for details, these things have all been said and done, before,
welcome to the experimenters :)

>    I set the password temporarily to 123456. The problem is that I can
>    logon with rpcclient with any password I want, i.e.
>    I don't get any error if I do
>  rpcclient -S . -W HOME -U root%abcdef

yes, that's correct behaviour: you can only run this as root (-S .) and
you can specify any username.

it's the functional equivalent of "su".
> 4) Changing passwords using rpcclient/samedit and the ntpass command
>    always fails:

oops, not again.

try it with 2.1, send in another report.

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