Windows can't find my PDC

Miles A. Peterson miles at
Sun Apr 9 06:19:18 GMT 2000

I'm having some problems.. I've looked at a ton of docs, all kinds of
pages and such, but none of them have any new information for me.  im
trying to use samba 2.0.6 as a PDC.. i have it all setup, and when i try
to logon via one of my windows machines, it just hangs for a second and
says it couldnt find a domain server.. i cant figure out why not..

i've seen many posts about this TNG thing, i have no idea what it is.. do
i need it?  and do the IPs of my network have to be INTERNAL to work?  or
can they just be other IP's that i own (which are externaL)?  i'd
appreciate ANY help at all..


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