Trust Relationships

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Sat Apr 8 06:10:36 GMT 2000

On Sat, 8 Apr 2000, Anders C. Thorsen wrote:

> > > 	The TNG Tree has NTDOMAIN support, however this tree is based on
> > > 	pre-2.0.x (i.e. one split into what would become STABLE 2.0.x,
> > > 	and continued working on domain support.)
> > 
> > smbd and nmbd have been merged from 3.0 (cvs main) into TNG.
> > 
> Is TNG the "final" tree then..?

not quite!

> I seem to remember that the idea was to do this to ease migration of TNG back
> into HEAD.

well, it turns out that it was far easier to go the other way round:
andrew and i did nmbd in... a day, and i did smbd in two, maybe three.

now, all of 2_0, main and TNG can be simultaneously updated.

andrew and i are going to do an architecture review of TNG, deciding what
bits are suitable and what bits need rewriting, my hope is to maintain the
same aims / flexibility, just done in better ways.


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