request not supported (setgroups call)

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Sat Apr 8 03:59:53 GMT 2000

pete, all,

you don't need TNG if you are using lose9x.

these clients do not have the concept of domains in them in any way,
shape, or form.

they can, however, download profiles from a server, and you need to type
in a username, domain name and password to get it.

On Sat, 8 Apr 2000 perickson at wrote:

> Hi everyone - I'm having problems logging into my samba-tng 1.9 domain.  I
> get an error stating "The request is not supported by the network" on my
> Win98 laptop.  The computer trust account  and username are both added to
> the smbpasswd file as well as /etc/passwd .  My log.netlogon files
> contains the following error:
> ERROR: sys setgroups call failed!
> TODO: verify that the rid exists
> In a previous post regarding this problem, someone said that they solved
> the problem by reverting to tng-1.0 .  I was wondering if there's some
> other way to solve this without reverting to an old version.  If anyone
> has any info or suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.
> Thanks,
> Pete Erickson
> perickson at  

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