Need help with printing on TNG (updated today from CVS)

Johan Hedin johanh at
Fri Apr 7 09:37:49 GMT 2000

I have created a share called printer$

--- From smb.conf ---
   printer driver file = /home/ktest/printer/printers.def
   nt forms file = /home/ktest/printer/ntforms.def
   nt printer driver = /home/ktest/printer

   path = /home/ktest/printer
   read only = no

--- End from smb.conf ---

The directory /home/ktest/printer/ is empty. I log on locally as
Administrator and open a skare as ktest on the Samba server. I click on
"Add a printer", selects a printer and calls it the same as in Unix. After
the test page prompt I get, "Printer driver for NT 4.0 x86 could not be
installed. This function is only valid in Windows NT mode.". Is this the
way to go, or am I on the wrong track?


Johan Hedin

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