A clue to FAQ *2.4(

Rasmus Andersen rasmus at diku.dk
Fri Apr 7 07:22:09 GMT 2000


I just used samba to move a cluster of NT workstations from one domain to
another, the former being controlled by a NT PDC and the new being controlled
by Samba (CVS chechout 30/3). During that process I ran into the problem
described in the NT Domains Sambaq FAQ Q. 2.4 for some of the machines.

After fiddling around a while I realized that the problem occurred for the 
machines with the longest identification strings. After I changed them to 
something shorter (and did the papershuffling at the Samba server) it worked 
without a hitch.

Examples: at-marie-louise (didnt work) -> at-mla (worked)
	  at-mfrederiksen (didnt work) -> at-mfred (worked)

Names like at-randersen did work, so I guess the magic number is around 12-15
characters. Please note that the old NT 4.0 PDC handled these named fine.

Otherwise thanks for a great product.

        Rasmus(rasmus at diku.dk)

With Microsoft products, failure is not an option - it's a standard component. 
  -- Anonymous

        Rasmus(rasmus at diku.dk)

Writing a new OS only for the 386 in 1991 gets you your second F for this term.
  -- Prof. Andrew S. Tanenbaum, author of Minix, in a newsgroup
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