tng 1.8 profile not found

Jeremy M. Dolan jeremy at
Thu Apr 6 20:40:47 GMT 2000

I'm trying to set up TNG 1.8 as a PDC for three NT workstations and do auth
for one 98 box.

I created a new NT domain name, seperate from the workgroup name they were
using before, and started all the services. Theres a ton of those suckers
now, so I made a little script to save time between restarts, it's up at if your sick of starting them manually.
If theres a better order to start/stop them in, tip me off.

I had quite a bit of problems with rpcclient, trying to add users and such.
I ended up with a log file with this, repeated over and over.

    added interface ip= bcast=
    socket connect to /tmp/.smb.0/agent failed: Connection refused
    error connecting to (Network is unreachable)
    error connecting to (Network is unreachable)
    cli_establish_connection: failed to connect to ORION<00>
    cli_net_use_add: connection failed

I don't know if its supposted to be trying to connect to ORION as, but both nslookup and nmblookup show its correct address.

I ended up giving up trying to add workstation accounts through rpcclient,
as the FAQ describes, and tryed from a NT workstation. This worked fine
using the user root.

After reboot, when I try to log in as a user form the workstation, I get two
dialogs, the first saying roaming profile could not be found and a local
profile will try to load, the second saying a local profile could not be
loaded, at which point I'm kicked back out to the login prompt. This happens
regardless of if there is a profile share in smb.conf.

I simply need Samba to do authentication for a few NT machines. At this
point, at least for now, I don't really care one way or the other about
roaming profiles, BDCs, and being able to set permissions via the
workstations. I've heard varying reports on what Samba 2.0 is capable of...
can this be done in 2.0.x?


Jeremy M. Dolan
Systems Administrator
AxisTangent & Technologies

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