printing from win98, win95 and winnt4 to samba on redhat6.1

Olivier Wegria olivier.wegria at
Thu Apr 6 10:45:23 GMT 2000


I am using samba 2.06 for a few month now to share files because I want to
replace all nt4 servers with linux rh6.1 + samba servers.

I would like now to replace our nt print server with a samba print server on
the same linux rh6.1.

I can share a spool directory via samba and share the printer driver but the
lpd use isn't running.

I read some how-to and a few mails but there are still a coupple of question
unclear to me.

1. Where can I find indepth information on how to setup lpd with samba? 
2. Is it possible to manage the samba printer queues from NT,95 & 98
(suspend, resume)
3. can we manage documents in the queues from NT,95,98 (suspend, resume,

Thank you for your answers


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