Problem with validating users

Frederik Meerwaldt Meerwaldt at
Thu Apr 6 09:21:41 GMT 2000

Hi all,
I wanted to set up a FreeBSD-Samba computer, that it has a share, on which
only 1 user has access to. The problem is: The password of this user must
be verified through the NT-PDC. What I did is: I read the NT-Dom FAQ, I
created an computer account for the Samba-Computer on  my NT4-PDC, I
configured my Samba computer, I did a smbpasswd -j NTDOMAIN (which seems
to be OK (Successfully joined Domain NTDOMAIN)). Now I created a user
called domaintest on my PDC. Then I created a entry in the /etc/passwd
file (with vipw), which looks like: 

domaintest:*:1100:1001::0:0:Domain Test Account:/dev/null:/nonexistent

Then I have added a new section to my smb.conf:

	revalidate = yes
	only user = yes
	valid users = domaintest
	comment = Only for domaintest account
	write list = domaintest
	writable = yes
	path = /temp
	user = domaintest

Other lines in my smb.conf (which I think are important to list here) are:

workgroup = NTDOMAIN
security = domain
password server = PROBE
username map = /usr/local/etc/ 
              (I've only mapped domaintest to domaintest here)

That's it. If I logon from a Windows 95 Box to the Domain (with the
domaintest account) (which works), and I connect to \\sambasrv\test then
it asks for a password. If I enter domaintest (which I have defined as the
password (umane domaintest, passwd domaintest)), it tells me: "Password
incorrect, please try again". But only this user is allowed to connect to
this share.

Tell my if I have to supply more information. PLEASE HELP!!!

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,

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