Problem with compilation of SAMBA_TNG

Geoff Davis gadavis at
Wed Apr 5 22:30:54 GMT 2000

Thanks to all that responded to my previous question about gcc eating it
while compiling HEAD from CVS.

I was able to compile the CVS version of TNG a week ago, and everything
ran all right, but when I switch to the .tar.gz releases, I am no longer
able to compile at all. ./configure fails saying that I have no locking
available, but this is a Mandrake 7.0 system with glibc 2.1. Doesn't
that have the fnctl locking that configure is looking for?

Also, after doing a CVS update of TNG and a make distclean, ./configure
fails there too. Where is it checking for locking, and how do I con it
into actually doing the compile?

Thanks again,

Geoff Davis

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