Samba, domain logons & individual access control

Jan Sembera jsembera at
Wed Apr 5 19:14:01 GMT 2000

(first, pardon my English) Here is our situation.We have ethernet network
with about 50 stations (Win 95/98, 3.11 and DOS) and one server, now on
Netware 4.12. We'll be connected to the inet with leased line in few months,
so I want to install Linux instead of Netware, and of course, to use Samba.
We want to emulate NT Domain server (provide some storage space on server,
provide some applications on server to be run on clients - for example some
windows apps instalations etc.). But we've some questions about it:

1) I'll want to make individual access control in windows loading userlist
from samba server. How to do this? I found config lines like domain groups,
domain admin group, domain guest group etc., but man pages says that it is
experimental, but nothing more.

2) Same question, but for global policies for windows. I guess it will have
same solution like the first question, but microsoft products are

3) Which security level should I use?

4) Which client for DOS should be used to logon onto samba domain?

Thanx, Jan Sembera

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