Michael S. Hulet hulet at
Wed Apr 5 19:12:43 GMT 2000

I was busy for a week and Samba went from alpha-1.3 to 1.8 (amazing!).  I
have some interesting observations playing with samba-tng-alpha-1.8.  I'm
using a Digital Unix 4.0E machine and a Redhat 6.0 machine for testing

1.  As far as Administrative priviledges, if you are in several groups and
the first group is not the "Domain Admins" mapped group, you lose
administrative priviledges.  For examples:


If group1="Domain Admins" (in
	hulet and root are administrators

If group2="Domain Admins" (in
	test is the only administrator

Put group2 first in the group file
	test,hulet, and root are administrators

2.  The group requirement is still there.  If I clean out my group file
everything works.  I haven't found the offending lines yet but some of
them match user names (root -> root, adm -> adm).  My working group file
also has some group names that match user names (adm -> adm) but adm is
not part of the nt domain (smbpasswd).  The working group file only has 20
lines, the broken group file has 111 lines.   

3.  I have a Digital Unix 4.0E server for samba and a Redhat 6.0 server
for samba.  Profiles on the Redhat box are updated a lot faster on logout
30 seconds versus Digital Unix 2 minutes 30 seconds.  There is a lot of
activity on the profile share although not much is changed.

4.  If you make any changes to /etc/group, /etc/password, or try and
delete log files while samba is running, samba gets very angry.  I have to
stop samba before deleting the logs (it doesn't like cat /dev/null > logs
either) or updating my /etc/group file.

5.  samba-tng-alpha-1.8 compiled right out of the box for Redhat 6.0
(gcc version egcs-2.91.66) and Digital Unix 4.0E (gcc version 2.8.1)

6.  Still had to do a chmod 755 on install-sh for Digital Unix 4.0E

Please tell me if you prefer more formal reports.  This way was the
fastest way for me to report my observations.  The administrator
priviledge thing was interesting so I wanted to send a quick note.  Sorry
I can only send observations and not solutions.

Michael Hulet
Network System Administrator
ITTC, University of Kansas

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