4-4-00 tng release problem

Matthew Monacelli mam1281 at ritvax.isc.rit.edu
Wed Apr 5 07:45:57 GMT 2000

I just finished compliling the new code from the cvs server and now i'm not
able to log in to the domain.  the password is authenticated but i get a
dialog stating "This request is not supported by the server".  I've never
seen this one before.  This may be related to the unicode_map error i've
been getting (see previous post).  I added the users with the rpcclient, but
to change the passwords, i was unable to use the new smbpasswd, as in the
past.  i used the one lingering from the 2.0.6 binary rpm install of a while
ago (renamed of course).  Any suggestions?

Matthew A. Monacelli
mam1281 at rit.edu
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Rochester Institute of Technology
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