"domain group map" and HEAD?

Karim 'Kasi Mir' Senoucci kasi.mir at melzone.snafu.de
Tue Apr 4 21:43:45 GMT 2000

Hello everyone,
I was trying to implement some UNIX<->NT group mapping with a 
compiled HEAD tree this morning, as it is written down in the
NT-Domain FAQ (and the "Samba in 24 hours" book by Sams I was
using as a reference), but to my surprise found out that the
parameter (in fact, any of these "map" parameters) wheren't
recognized by the server. 

Were they excluded/superseded/made obsolete by something I 
couldn't find in FAQ or by browsing the NT-DOM archives? Or
am I in fact NOT using the correct cvs tree?

I downloaded the source tree via CVS by issuing the following
command (after login):

cvs -d :pserver:cvs at cvs.samba.org:/cvsroot co samba -r HEAD samba

Is this the wrong version, or doesn't HEAD release support those
keywords anymore? What can I do to make it work? I wanted to test
those features in a mixed NT WS/Win9x environment, by the way.

Thanks and bye
Kasi Mir
* Kasi Mir aka Karim Senoucci ----------- e-mail: kasi.mir at melzone.shnet.org
*** Computer, movie, TV and general freak from beautiful Northern Germany ··

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