Panagiotis Malakoudis pmal at
Tue Apr 4 14:01:27 GMT 2000

I have another question for you.
I cannot login from the win9x box. I get a message that the password is
What are excactly the accounts that must be created either from smbpasswd
and rpcclient in order to be able to login from a win9x box?
Do I need to add a trust account of some sort?

Thank you for your help on the subject.

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> On Tue, Apr 04, 2000 at 11:23:14PM +1000, Panagiotis Malakoudis wrote:
> > When I use the rpc client to add accounts I see the following at the log
> > file.
> > addedd interface ip= bcast= nmask
> That's for your information.
> > socket connect to /tmp/.msrpc/.samr/agent failed: Connection refused
> That's a simple warning. Ignore it.
> (The code should be modified here anyway, it's partly a
> security problem)
> [...]
>     Elrond

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