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Tue Apr 4 09:43:43 GMT 2000


with this version and with 1.7 I got the following error messages while joining
the domain as a BDC

root at qmpc2:/usr/local/samba/var > rpcclient -S PDC_DS -U root%entire -W DS
[DS\root at PDC_DS]$ createuser QMPC2$ -s -j DS
createuser QMPC2$ -s -j DS

SAM Create Domain User
Domain: DS Name: qmpc2$ ACB: [S          ]
failed tcon_X
cli_net_use_add: connection failed
ncacn_np_use_add: connection failed
Connection to \\QMPC2 FAILED
(Do a "use \\\\QMPC2 -U localadmin")
Create Domain User: FAILED

The log file log.smb states:

Failed to set gid privileges to (-1,775043377) now set to (0,0) uid=(0,0)
PANIC: failed to set gid
I'm using Linux SuSE 6.2 (Kernel 2.2.10).

Any hints?

Thx HP

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