Samba TNG schedule

Paul Kennedy pkennedy at
Tue Apr 4 02:32:25 GMT 2000

I'm keen on using the PDC functionality, with LDAP-backend, of
Samba-TNG. But the current state of the code is too unstable for me to
use even in an alpha capacity. I haven't ever been able to get a
workstation to join a domain. There's always something preventing this.
Most recently (last Friday) I was stymied pretty early in the process
with the appearance of PANIC messages in log.lsarpcd when I tried to
create the workstation trust accounts via samedit/createuser (yes, there
is a UNIX account of the same name, etc.). And today when I updated from
cvs the build is broken apparently due to missing directories, the
result of an incomplete cvs merge.

So my question is: Is the Samba team working to a schedule, even a rough
one, by which they expect the Samba PDC functionality to be stable
enough to be beta-quality ? If so, when is this expected to happen ?



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