NT network, without a domain?

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> Subject: NT network, without a domain?
> Hi!
> I was just reading your mail when I found this. You claim that
> samba 2.x is
> capable of handeling of NT workstations logging onto a samba
> domain?? This is

it is. 2.0.x where x >= 3 has basic nt pdc capability. i.e. logging onto

> exactly what I want, but havent been able to do so at all :( I
> have an win NT
> 4.0 sp5 and a win98 client accessing a samba server on slack 7. I
> have never
> ever been able to make NT work with samba as PDC, or to log on to
> domain as an
> Administrator from NTwks4sp5 box. Win98 does everything OK. I tried samba
> 2.0.5, 2.0.6, some recent CVS (pre3 versin), and samba-tng that
> is currently
> running there. I would like to use file and printer services on
> samba from NT,
> logged on to domain.
> Can you please advise me which version of samba to compile for this task.

if you need nt pdc functionality, you can use the stable branch, or you can
use a mixture of the head and tng branch. just the head branch won't do,
since they don't have NT PDC support there.

> Could you please tell me at least the beasics that I have to set up in
> [general] in smb.conf, since my configs have never made things work.

i'm guessing that you forgot to create a machien account for hte ntbox
...win9x and nt domain logons are different.

> I would really apreciate your help!
> THX in advance!
> Bostjan
> * On 31-03-00 at 13:11 Matthew Geddes (mgeddes at xavier.sa.edu.au) wrote:
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> >
> > TNG is the best for Windows NT, but still has some issues. Samba 2.x is
> > good for Win9x and can control a Domain consisting of NT workstations.
> >
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