Samba PDC - Can't Login to Domain

Jamie ffolliott jffolliott at
Sun Apr 2 19:19:35 GMT 2000

Yes, use 'createuser <USERNAME> -p <PASSWORD>'

I believe by default creatuser will create the account and set it as
disabled, unless you use -p to set a password.


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> Sent: April 1, 2000 2:17 AM
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> Subject: Samba PDC - Can't Login to Domain
> I recently added a Windows 2000 Pro workstation to network so download
> TNG alpha-1.6, compiled and installed it on PDC Suse Linux 6.2 system.
> This PDC was functioning successfuly with TNG code download January 23,
> 2000.
> NT 4.0 (SvcPack 6a) workstations have now lost ability to connect to
> domain.  Successfully created machine account for new W2K workstation,
> but cannot authenticate to domain.
> Results of samedit:
> samedit -S \.
> added interface ip=x.x.x.x broadcast=x.x.x.x network=x.x.x.x
> Enter password:
> Create user username
> socket connect to /tmp/.msrpc/.samr/agent failed: Connection refused
> SAM Create Domain User
> Domain: xxx Name: username ACB:[U       ]
> socket connect to /tmp/.msrpc/.samr/agent failed: Connection refused
> Create Domain User: OK
> Assumed the above was good. Checked smbpasswd file and found user was
> added with no password. When attempting to login from the W2K
> workstation, receive the following:
> Your computer could not be joined to the domain because the following
> error occurred:
> The specified network password is not correct.
> Suggestions?

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