Win NT/2000 memory

Omar Siam simar at
Sun Apr 2 13:20:14 GMT 2000

I tried to setup a samba PDC (samba-tng-alpha 1.3) recently. I don't know why, but I changed the name of my server therfore. Then I did something completele stupid and restricted the interfaces which the server respondes to to localhost (after that of course I couldn't log on) After that I fooled arround and deleted the sids and renamed the server back to its original name. Now everytime i try to join the domain with my german NT 4.0 sp6 Windows can't find the domain-controller (servermanager can, samedit, rpcclient too). Does Windows remember which computer is was the PDC ?
Is this error caused by sth. completely different ?
Thanks for any help.
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