NT network, without a domain?

Bostjan Muller neonatus at gimp.thz.net
Sat Apr 1 22:26:02 GMT 2000


I was just reading your mail when I found this. You claim that samba 2.x is
capable of handeling of NT workstations logging onto a samba domain?? This is
exactly what I want, but havent been able to do so at all :( I have an win NT
4.0 sp5 and a win98 client accessing a samba server on slack 7. I have never
ever been able to make NT work with samba as PDC, or to log on to domain as an
Administrator from NTwks4sp5 box. Win98 does everything OK. I tried samba
2.0.5, 2.0.6, some recent CVS (pre3 versin), and samba-tng that is currently
running there. I would like to use file and printer services on samba from NT,
logged on to domain.

Can you please advise me which version of samba to compile for this task.
Could you please tell me at least the beasics that I have to set up in
[general] in smb.conf, since my configs have never made things work.

I would really apreciate your help!

THX in advance!

* On 31-03-00 at 13:11 Matthew Geddes (mgeddes at xavier.sa.edu.au) wrote:
+----Here quoted text begins----+
> TNG is the best for Windows NT, but still has some issues. Samba 2.x is
> good for Win9x and can control a Domain consisting of NT workstations.
+----and here the quote ends----+

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