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> Dear Geoff,
> 	Not to put down MAndrake but the four different occassions
> I have used
> this distribution have always resulted in problems. In the end the

ehh..i'm not using 7.0 i actually have 6.0 here, but impure ...because of
all the cooker updates... but still it's strange that this problem should
happen. my MAIN concern is that when my ppp0 interface is up (yeh, i should
know better, but at least my block my ports with ipchains.) when i tried to
add a computer to the domian it fails with cannot update local security ont
eh nt box. when i ifdown ppp0 then everything works great again? yes i'm
having compilation problems but this is the ntdom list ...

> problems were always alleviated by switching to RedHat or SLackware.
> Many have agreed that Mandrake is a buggy distribution. Of course this
> is my opinion from my own experiences. I had the same compile problems
> when installing samba 2.0.6 on a mandrake 7.0 box, I switched to RedHat

only the core of redhat is stable IMHO. :-)


> 6.1, and it compiled without a problem. Hope this helps.
> Sincerely,
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