Samba PDC - Can't Login to Domain

John Cusick zen at
Sat Apr 1 05:04:54 GMT 2000

I recently added a Windows 2000 Pro workstation to network so download
TNG alpha-1.6, compiled and installed it on PDC Suse Linux 6.2 system.
This PDC was functioning successfuly with TNG code download January 23,

NT 4.0 (SvcPack 6a) workstations have now lost ability to connect to
domain.  Successfully created machine account for new W2K workstation,
but cannot authenticate to domain.

Results of samedit:

samedit -S \.
added interface ip=x.x.x.x broadcast=x.x.x.x network=x.x.x.x
Enter password:
Create user username
socket connect to /tmp/.msrpc/.samr/agent failed: Connection refused
SAM Create Domain User
Domain: xxx Name: username ACB:[U       ]
socket connect to /tmp/.msrpc/.samr/agent failed: Connection refused
Create Domain User: OK

Assumed the above was good. Checked smbpasswd file and found user was
added with no password. When attempting to login from the W2K
workstation, receive the following:

Your computer could not be joined to the domain because the following
error occurred:

The specified network password is not correct.


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