becoming local admin on NT

David Bannon D.Bannon at
Thu Sep 30 22:56:57 GMT 1999

> Question about 2.05 domain admin ......

You will find that this list is really about the NTDom version of Samba,
available only via csv, not the 2.05 'full release'. There is a system in
2.05 that works, should be documented in the samba 'kit' somewhere. But the
important point is that it is different from the system in the NTDom
branch. Consider using the NTDom version it does such things much better,
to see how its done, see the FAQ, its very clear.

On another matter, the convention when posting to mailing lists is to use
unformatted text, all that html in you message make it hard for some people
to read and even more difficult to reply to.

I see this :

At 12:13 AM 01/10/1999 +1000, FMK wrote:
>    Hi all   "" it that certain people should get Administrator-rights on
>the  NT-machine from where they log on ?   regards   Florian Meyer-Kassel 

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