becoming local admin on NT

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Thu Sep 30 15:04:38 GMT 1999

Ok, here's the answer:

There needs to be a group which all the people you want to be admins are
members of. You then need to add that group to the Administrators group in
the local NT workstation.

for example, using LDAP passwd backend, you create a group called "Domain
Admins" and add the users to that group. When the workstation is added to
the domain, the Domain Admins group is automatically added to the local
"administrators" group.

If you can't get user/group mapping working (and thus can't map the unix
group [adm for example, or wheel], then you'll have to add the group


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I also share your pain.  I've submitted my question twice and both times
it has been ignored :(  Maybe we should form our own support group :)

Richard Bleeker wrote:

>  Yay! Somebody who understands my dillemma please help me, I have the
> same situation here Richard
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>       Hi all I got my 2.05a to work as PDC, but how can I "teach"
>      it that certain people should get Administrator-rights on
>      the NT-machine from where they log on ? regards Florian
>      Meyer-Kassel

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