becoming local admin on NT

Matthew Miller mmiller at
Thu Sep 30 14:41:15 GMT 1999

I also share your pain.  I've submitted my question twice and both times
it has been ignored :(  Maybe we should form our own support group :)

Richard Bleeker wrote:

>  Yay! Somebody who understands my dillemma please help me, I have the
> same situation here Richard
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>      From: FMK <f_meyka at>
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>      Date: Thursday, September 30, 1999 4:19 PM
>      Subject: becoming local admin on NT
>       Hi all I got my 2.05a to work as PDC, but how can I "teach"
>      it that certain people should get Administrator-rights on
>      the NT-machine from where they log on ? regards Florian
>      Meyer-Kassel

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