help with NT Domain Administrator

Richard Bleeker richardb at
Thu Sep 30 09:47:38 GMT 1999

Hi There,

I have recently replaced my NT Server which was acting as PDC with linux and
discovered that
I had to download the latest source code from the CVS repositories.
That done, I recompiled and followed the instructions layed down in the
online FAQ

I now want to administer my domain from another pc running NT 4.  So, I have
to log onto the new linux domain controller, but it seems that I no longer
have Administrator rights

the FAQ page told me to try setting

domain group map
domain user map
local group map

in my /etc/smb.conf file, but on running testparm it said that those options
aren't recognised.

a "man smb.conf" says that these options are no longer supported now that
I've updated the source code for SAMBA, and that I must look for help on
this mail list I am asking -  Please Help Me!


Richard Bleeker

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