problem wit usrmgr running samba 2.05a on REDHAT 6.0

Michael Glauche mg at
Wed Sep 29 08:47:08 GMT 1999

"Derks, Richard" wrote:
> Hello,
> I am using samba 2.05a on linux (server and nt4 sp4 workstation as
> client)
> I have installed samba, but the user manager for domains is complaining
> about "RPC fault protocol error"
> But the server manager is working fine.
> Im have installed the plainpasswrd.reg for nt4 (and running sp 4) .
> What could be the cause of the problem.

The usrmgr does not really work good with 2.0.5a. lot of RPC
is only in the current HEAD code. 
You also said, that you are using plain text passwords. That tells me
that your linux is not running as a PDC (they must be encrypted), and 
usrmgr needs a PDC to work.

> An other question:
> The documentation on the web suggest that i should use "domain group map
> " in the smb.conf but
> But testparm gives an error on this (invaild option)
> Is there documentation with what are vaild options for the smb.conf in
> version 2.05a, or should a use an other version of samba.

domain group map is IIRC a 2.1.0prealpha only parameter. use user map



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