Account Unknown problem on PDC Samba 2.0.5b

Dave.Stevenson at Dave.Stevenson at
Wed Sep 29 06:09:34 GMT 1999

> Samba 2.0.5a on Red Had Linux 5.2 with Kerner 2.2.12
> running as PDC, encryption on, user level security 
> When I try to add user from my Samba domain to 
> groups or into security settings on my NT WS 
> machine, it always shows as "Account Unknown". 
> It may allow me to pick a user from the list 
> of users on the Samba server, but after confirming 
> the addition of a user and then going back into 
> whatever properties window I was in, the account 
> shows up as "WWFCOL\Account Unknown". Likewise
> If I log in as the local administrator on an NT Workstation
> and look at the list of roaming profiles, they all belong
> to account unknown. If left long enough the HDD will fill up
> with profiles belonging to "account unknown".
I resolved similar problem (partially) by making sure that the unix id's were explicitly
named in the appropriate unix group in /etc/group  that I had mapped to "Domain Users"
in the file.
(More in the nt-dom archive, maybe around july )

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