Account Unknown problem on PDC Samba 2.0.5b

Nichoals Waltham nwaltham at
Tue Sep 28 20:32:12 GMT 1999

Samba 2.0.5a on Red Had Linux 5.2 with Kerner 2.2.12
running as PDC, encryption on, user level security 

When I try to add user from my Samba domain to 
groups or into security settings on my NT WS 
machine, it always shows as "Account Unknown". 
It may allow me to pick a user from the list 
of users on the Samba server, but after confirming 
the addition of a user and then going back into 
whatever properties window I was in, the account 
shows up as "WWFCOL\Account Unknown". Likewise
If I log in as the local administrator on an NT Workstation
and look at the list of roaming profiles, they all belong
to account unknown. If left long enough the HDD will fill up
with profiles belonging to "account unknown".

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