Sync issue with encrypted passwords

Seth Vidal skvidal at
Tue Sep 28 14:50:36 GMT 1999

> That's a good question....I haven't dealt with error prompts.  Has anyone
> else created a "passwd chat" script to handle incorrect input?
> Is there any way to make your /usr/bin/passwd program (or wrapper) quit
> prompting for the user's old password?  That "old password" seems to be
> a showstopper. 
the old password never stopped me its the "new password is bad" problem
for me.

I ended up having to compile a different passwd that didn't have cracklib
so the user could use any "bad" password they wanted.

its not a good security system but...

> On our UNIX server, if root runs "/usr/bin/passwd username",
> there is no "old password" prompt - and I believe that samba calls
> /usr/bin/passwd as root.

Can we get a verification on how /usr/bin/passwd is called from one the
samba coders?

I'd like to know if its user or root.

if its root then I know how I can defeat this.



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