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Fri Sep 24 16:21:18 GMT 1999

What password backend are you using?

In an LDAP backend you use pwdCanChange and pwdMustChange which are (8 char
hex strings e.g. 0xFFFFFFFF) which are unix times (32bits, seconds from
1970) that the user can change password (set to FFFFFFFF to disable,
00000000 to enable) and must change password (set to 00000000 to force
changing at next logon, FFFFFFFF to disable forcing)

I don't think the file backend (/etc/smbpasswd) has the capability to store
these yet. Try looking in the source code passdb/smbpass*.c files, and see
where it fills the relevant fields from.


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Hello people,

    I'm running Samba as a PDC and everything works fine. However, I
don't know how to set various account attributes. For example, on NT in
the User Manager For Domains, you have the ability to set "User must
change password at next logon", or "Password never expires" etc.

    How and where do I set this account attributes when using Samba as
the PDC?


Karl Dane
Systems Administrator, BiblioTech

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