Login from NTWorkstation 4

Chad Kitching kitchingc at mail.techplus.com
Fri Sep 24 03:46:51 GMT 1999

>From what I understand, only the 2.1.0 pre-alpha versions of Samba will
allow NT workstations to join a Samba created domain (the 2.0.x code only
works for Win9x clients connecting to the domain).  And in the case of NT,
you have to create both a machine accounts, and a user account.  (And you've
got to give the Samba team credit for being ambitious -- just look at the
new options for smbpasswd, even if not all of them work yet)

smbpasswd [options] [username] [password]
  -s                   use stdin for password prompt
  -D LEVEL             debug level
  -U USER              remote username
  -r MACHINE           remote machine
  -R ORDER             name resolve order
  -j DOMAIN            join domain name
  -S                   synchronise with PDC (if we are BDC)
  -a                   add user
  -d                   disable user
  -e                   enable user
  -n                   set no password
  -m                   workstation trust account
  -b                   backup domain controller account
  -i                   inter-domain trust account
  -p                   user cannot change password
  -x                   user can change password

Even if not all of them get implemented, it's still fairly impressive.
Especially given the fact that documentation on NT domains for SMB is pretty

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> Hi:
> I'm using Samba 2.0.5a (On Redhat 6). I set this linux box as Domain PDC.
> I successfully add my NT Workstation into that domain (NT Workstation 4
> SP4 and IE5 installed)
> The question is that do I have to add my login name into smbpasswd file
> I can login?
> Another question is that when I use the following command:
> #smbpasswd -a myname
> It prompt for password. I follow the document type ENTER. But the
> think it's null password.
> Then I can login without pasword, (When I type the password, it tell me
> wrong).

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