Login from NTWorkstation 4

jonalee at kalsoft.online.sh.cn jonalee at kalsoft.online.sh.cn
Fri Sep 24 01:37:22 GMT 1999

I'm using Samba 2.0.5a (On Redhat 6). I set this linux box as Domain PDC.

I successfully add my NT Workstation into that domain (NT Workstation 4 with
SP4 and IE5 installed)
The question is that do I have to add my login name into smbpasswd file then
I can login?

Another question is that when I use the following command:
#smbpasswd -a myname
It prompt for password. I follow the document type ENTER. But the smbpasswd
think it's null password.
Then I can login without pasword, (When I type the password, it tell me it's

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