Domain Logon using samba

tschweikle at tschweikle at
Thu Sep 23 17:40:22 GMT 1999

Cristina Nunes wrote:

> I have installed samba in a machine with Linux (Suse 6.1), and I configured it
> to be a domain master.
> Then I change the domain of Windows 98 to the same of samba.
> I created a count to this machine in /etc/passwd and I used smbpasswd to put a
> password. My username is in /etc/smbpasswd too.
> When I go logon at Windows, I receive this message:
>  "Invalid Parameter"
> Could you help me?


> The smb.conf:
> [global]
>   workgroup = MOZART
>   server string = mozart
>   guest account = nobody


You can' have the same name for your domain and the server. They must be


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