Burt Avery ba2k at
Thu Sep 23 15:06:51 GMT 1999

Probably a trivial question with an easy answer but here it is.

Using prealpha2.0.1, downloaded 9/21, built on AIX 4.2, with AIX C 3.01.

netbiosname = bmesambatest, workgroup = COMPLABTEST. Host ibm-12 is at IP
address, mask

The smbpasswd file was copied from a running Samba server version 2.05a, a
mistake if the password file formats are different.

I am unable to add accounts for users or NT machines. These messages are
produced when running smbpasswd:

  Added interface ip = bcast= nmask=
  Got a positive response name query for (
  cli-nt-session-open: rpc bind failed Error was RAP code 0
  lsa query info failed
  Can't setup password database.

The smb.conf file was borrowed from the production 2.0.5a server with
changes for host ip, netbiosname, workgroup etc. There are no problems
using this smb.conf file on 2.0.5.a.

What have I done wrong? Are there any tests that would show me the error of
my ways?

Any suggestions appreciated!


Burt Avery
Computer Systems Engineer
Department of Biomedical Engineering
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA 22908

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