Domain logins via PPP?

Michael Breuer mbreuer at
Thu Sep 23 13:15:49 GMT 1999

Doug VanLeuven wrote:

> Steve Shoecraft wrote:


> Also, as far as I know, only NT allows roaming profile login over
> dial-up (there's a check box on the login display).  I could be wrong.
> 95 & 98 you've already logged in when you dial the remote network.
> We always keep the notebooks in a workgroup that's the same name
> as the domain, rather than try & have the notebook in the domain.
> That has always worked to update browse lists (eventually).

When you dial up, a network log-in appears even if the '98 machine is already locally logged-in.  This occurs when you initiate any
network connection including inserting a PCMCIA network card.

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