Problem inside a NT Domain.

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Wed Sep 22 16:04:16 GMT 1999


I am a bit new to this mailling, at least this is my first post here. I
tried to find information in the documentation of Samba without any
success. But here is the description of the whole thing :

Here in my company I've set up a network consisting of around twelve
computer running 95/98/NT4/NT2000 we have a main server running NT4 server.
This server is th e PDC of the domain. This configuration was running
nicely until now but recently we had a linux server running samba to add
some security to the whole thing.
In fact the only purpose of the linux server is to serve as a file server.
So I set up samba on the linux box and then everything was running, people
connecting to the file server seamlessly and so on... by the way everybody
in the company has at least two network drive mapped to the linux server.
There is nothing special on this network, no bridge no router only one network.

But there is still two problem I can't seems to solve :

- I've got a performance issue on every computer. Sometimes the computer
freeze for 5 or 10 seconds this was not happening before the connection of
the linux server. My guess is that every x minutes the connexion is
resetted and then the linux server must reidentificate the client by
sending his password to the NT server. This is quite disapointing, users
throwing rocks at me.
- I've got one Windows NT 2000 beta 3 box and It seems that I can't make it
join the domain, but at least this one seems to be a pure NT problem,
perhaps another change in the password scheme ? Yeah the new NT wizards are
really nice... always a nice box telling you that you can't do that.

So If somebody has got an answer ... 

BECKER Stéphane


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