Domain logins via PPP?

Steve Shoecraft steve56 at
Wed Sep 22 15:41:08 GMT 1999

	I have tried it with both WINS proxy on and WINS proxy off.  I still can't
get it to work.  Can you send me your info?  i.e., client configuration, PPP
setup info, a sample of your smb.conf?

	Also, does your system accept and handle the multicast packets that are
sent out by the client when it 1st connects?  They are addressed to (multicast router solicitation).

	I have tried EVERYTHING I can think of.  Please help.

- Steve

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> I do this regularly.  In my case, my Samba server is my
> primary WINS server.  The WINS server in the dial-up
> networking settings is
> set to the IP address of my Samba server.  I notice that in
> your case you have both WINS support and WINS proxy set.  I
> believe that
> you need to turn off WINS proxy.  Good luck.
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