NT printing

Dave.Stevenson at durham.ac.uk Dave.Stevenson at durham.ac.uk
Wed Sep 22 11:08:06 GMT 1999

I know it may be a bit obvious but  have you
checked permissions on your /usr/local/samba/lib directory and
make sure that they are writable by the unix user that you are
mapping "administrator" to? (Either with domainuser.map or users.map)

I remember having to fiddle with directory permissions in this area
to get it to work.
> I can add the printer to print$ and it copies some files, but it
> still doesn't create and config files for samba to be able
> to read.
> For example.
> I've added a HP LaserJet 4 to print$ and it's copied the 4 files
> to the print$ share.
> But I know Samba 2.1 looks for files called NTprinter_<sharename>
> and NTdriver_<drivername> but I don't know how to create these
> properly so that Samba knows what to dish back to the client.
> If you check the nt_printing.c file there are comments about these
> files too.
> If I then try to add that printer to the workstation I get an 'unknown
> error' occurred when double clicking the printer's sharename in
> the add printer box.
> I've narrowed the problem down to these NTprinter/NTdriver files that
> need to be created to work properly.
> Alan.

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