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David Bannon D.Bannon at
Tue Sep 21 23:29:59 GMT 1999

At 09:21 PM 21/09/1999 +1000, Cord-H. Fricke wrote:
>Hi there,
>is there a possibility to run a batch file before logging off an NT -

Do you mean a batch file on the NT or a script file in the unix server ?

If the latter, its easy :
      guest ok = no
      root postexec = /usr/local/sbin/setprofile %u -K

In my case, the binary, "setprofile" deletes to user's profile after they
log off.

To run an NT (ie dos) batch file looks a bit harder, after logoff the
machine is 'sort of' not running, just waiting for another logon.


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