Problem with policies (multi logon)

Jason Lam jasonlam at
Tue Sep 21 17:06:00 GMT 1999

I am setting up a NT WS + samba network. Everything was smooth, I manage to put ntconfig.POL in the netlogon directory and this will make the policies in that ntconfig.POL file to be enforced on every WS. However, this setting easily break down in some condition.

The default computer settings are fine anytime, but not the default user setting. I did setup the default user to some new settings, it seems to be working if the user logon only once, but not when the user logon again (multi logon) The first time the user logon, the default user policies will be enforced but when the user logon (multi) the second time, the policy for default user are not enforced. In my network, I need some users to be able to multi logon.

Can anyone suggest a solution for problem?

Jason Lam
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